Audacity stops recording after about six seconds. [solved]

I’m trying to record audio that’s coming from my PC using direct sound and the input being my headphones. But while it’s recording, it just stops at six seconds. It acts like it still is, but the audio wave section freezes. I try to hit stop and then hit play to hear what it played but it won’t do that either.

I try to hit stop and then hit play to hear what it played but it won’t do that either.

So the program freezes. Audacity 2.3.2? Audacity can do that tif the bitstream pauses or in some other way has a “hole” in it.

What happens if you change your recording device to something real like your built-in microphone?

Skype, Chat or Games?


Nevermind, I reset preferences and it seemed to fix it.

In preferences…just what did you re-set?

Audacity 2.3.2 stops recording at various intervals ( 2-3 minutes, after 5, after 7 and after around 22 minutes).
I’ve reset the preference but it’s still happening.
I’m recording an old French language teaching record with lots of pause or dead space.
Any suggestions please.

Using Windows 10 with 2.3.2.

Ensure that “Sound Activated Recording” is not enabled. See:

The “Sound Activated Recording” box is not checked.

I did get a message saying some thing like - other application may be competing for resources.

It’s best to start a new post instead of piggy-backing onto a previously solved post, particularly if their solution didn’t work for you.

other application may be competing for resources.

I’m not shocked. Games, Chat and Skype all use similar pathways and resources and in the case of Skype, it can change pathways and settings and just not tell you.

That’s the short list. Clean start your machine. Shift-Shutdown, wait a bit and then Start. Do Not let anything else start. If you have all your products and services auto-start, you may need to go to each one and change the setting.


Thanks - I don’t do games, but I’ll kill some of those processes and see what happens.
And, although I’m running 10 this laptop is a few (7 -8 ) years old.

I’m trying to record audio that’s coming from my PC

Most people don’t get a message like you got, but Audacity will drop dead if it loses the connection or the data stream.

It took me a while to recognize the pattern. 3 to 5 seconds is what happens when you lose the internet connection (in the background) and press play or record. The computer will present whatever it has stored up in memory, goes looking for more, there isn’t any, and then stops dead.

That’s the signature.

Are you using clouds anywhere? Audacity doesn’t do on-line storage very well. If your machine decides to check the cloud connection or file system for any reason at the wrong time, that can cause problems.


Thanks for you suggestions and help. All seems to be work now.

All seems to be work now.

How did you get there? This is a forum. Users helping each other.


I received the dialog window with ‘other application may be competing for resources’ and I checked the
“Sound Activated Recording” box that was presented.

Yes, that was your first suggestion!

Thanks again.