Audacity stops recording after 30-40 seconds

Hello - I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.4.2. Since updating, Audacity stops recording after 30 seconds or so (sometimes sooner). I have checked the available laptop memory and I have 200GB out of 300GB spare, so I don’t think that might be the problem. Everything was fine before the update.

As a side note, I am adopting punch and roll recording and this doesn’t work properly either - Audacity deletes the recording after the splice point, the cursor goes back the default 5 seconds and then everything stops - no playback and no record (although the 'record button still looks ‘live’ until I hit stop.

Thanks in advance.

Try going back to “Audacity [v2.3.3r]”. You can get it here:

Does that version work correctly on you computer?

Hello - no, it still stops after a while - no fixed time, it just seems random.

Punch and roll works ok but the system stops randomly after the splice point. I did have an issue with it not working if I plugged my headphones into the interface (I normally plug them into the laptop).

Should I go back to 2.3.2?

Do you know which version you were using previously?
If so, then I’d suggest that you try that version.

FossHub does not have ‘all’ previous versions. If your previous version is not available on FossHub, let me know and I should be able to find a copy for you. (Don’t resort to random download sites)

Hello - reinstalled 2.3.2 and it now records fine - punch & roll ok as well. Will there be an issue with later versions or might I need a new laptop?

2.3.2 is the version I was using until the update last week.

You might need to update your sound card drivers to use a later version of Audacity, but if Audacity 2.3.2 works for you, I’d suggest that you stick with that.

There’s a fuzzy rule that if you get something to work, hold onto it with white knuckles. DO NOT update anything until you finish the book or current project.