Audacity stopped working for me [SOLVED]

Hi. I’m so grateful for this awesome program as well as these forums! I recently downloaded Audacity and it worked great for awhile but now it no longer records sound. I am not a technical person and don’t know anything about recording my own music…so I don’t know all the terminology used on these forums. I only used Audacity to record sound coming out of my speakers from my computer. So all was going well for the first few months but now like I said, it stopped working. I’m not sure what I may have done. When I click on the record button, that line that is usually wavy when someone is talking is just flat. When I hit replay nothing has been recorded.

Thank you for any help or input you can offer.

Let’s start with which version of Windows you are using, and the exact three-section version of Audacity from “Help > About Audacity”.

What settings do you have in the device toolbar?

Thank you so much for helping me Steve. I wasn’t sure of the answers to your questions except that I had Windows 7…so I finally was getting my son to get on here to help me with the other questions but he went directly on Audacity and fixed the problem for me. Yea, it’s working again! But still, thanks so much for your help. So happy and amazed that ya’ll are here and available to help people with the hurdles they run in to. God bless.