Audacity stopped seeing audio signal after Windows downgrade

I use a Dell Optiplex 3020 desktop PC. I had to downgrade to Win 10. After that, Audacity no longer registers audio input signals. I use a Steinberg UR22II USB audio interface. The system worked perfectly well until the downgrade. I had to reinstall Audacity. The input in Audacity is set to the Steinberg, as is the Windows audio setting. The recording level is at max; monitoring levels is On. Host is MME (I tried the other options).

Any suggestions?

I have no experience with this and really wouldn’t know what to look for, but here are some ideas.

Check that you have “permission to use the microphone”: Turn on app permissions for your microphone in Windows 10 - Microsoft Support.

After plugging in your interface, do do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, then repeat the Audio Setup.

Can you record with any other device ?

Does Windows see audio coming in through the UR22 ? [Windows Key]-“mmsys.cpl”, then Recording tab. select your UR22, and the bars should monitor the audio.

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Thanks for some insight there. With that and some experimenting I solved it. I used the internal Windows sound path and Windows DirectSound host. Audacity sees the signal I want to record, which is internal PC sound from Spotify etc. I’m pretty sure I didn’t set it up that way before the downgrade, so I’m at a loss to explain this. Not to worry. Thanks for your help!

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