Audacity stopped recording

Windows 10
Latest version of audacity
Can anyone help? Been recording from my usb turntable for a year or so with no problems using audacity, now all of a sudden it will not work (won’t hear my music) i have re booted, re installed audacity, plugged my turntable into a different usb, but still nothing, i did not update or anything, all i get when i click record is a thick line which and nothing records?

Make sure the USB cable is tight at both ends, or try a different USB audio cable.

Reboot needs to be cold boot. Windows button, Power Menu, hold SHIFT on your computer keyboard and click “Shut down”.


Thanks, i will try a new usb cable, i had this problem once before but unplugging the usb and plugging back in sorted it so that may be the problem, i already checked it’s all plugged in correctly, i will report back when i get time to try (probably at the weekend) i hope that works and it’s not the turntable as it does not seem to be a pc/software problem.