Audacity Stereo Mini Jack To USB Recording Suite (UK)

Hi, Can anyone tell me what format the recordings are, when using the above product eg. mp3? I know that an mp3 source can be recorded but it is the format of the recording on the PC that I want to know about.
Phil in the UK

Audacity records uncompressed data. The default data format is 32 bit 48kHz stereo, but can be set by the user to 16 or 24 bit and any sample rate up to 200kHz.

Audacity does not record directly to an audio file, but creates “Audacity Projects” which consist of a project file, and a folder that contains the raw data. After recording and editing the finished project can be exported in a number of different audio formats including WAV, AIFF, Ogg, and FLAC. Support for MP3 export is provided by installing the LAME encoder. Additional formats are supported in Audacity 1.3 by installing FFmpeg. Instructions for installing Lame and FFmpeg are given on the main Audacity web site in the “Download” section.