Audacity splits my recording up...[SOLVED]

When I open an Audacity file that I recorded and saved it has split my recording up into sections and has made each one a file in itself within a single folder. How do I combined these files together or import them together so that I don’t have to drag each section of audio to its correct place in the time? that it’s all one file like it was when I recorded it.

Audacity doesn’t save sound files. It saves Projects. If you need an actual sound file. You have to File > Export one.

Leave all those little snippets alone and close the folder. Locate the AUP file with the same name as the folder and double click on that. If everything goes OK and you didn’t move anything, the show should open pretty much as you left it. If you moved or deleted anything, you may not have a show any more.


Thanks :smiley: