Audacity Spectral Analysis bug


I send an email to the email suggested in the wiki but the answer said to post here instead.

Just downloaded Audacity today and have a bug like this:
Inline images 1

Installation details:
Version: 2.1.2
Downloaded: using apt install audacity
OS: Ubuntu 16.10 64bit
What I did: Open a .mp3 file, select an area and choose Analyze->Plot Spectrum…
Problem: Described in the above picture. The window is transparent/nothing is shown. If I move it, it starts flickering.

What I’ve tried:
Restarting audacity
Loading the file with File->Open or just dragging it
Sudo apt update &sudo apt upgrade (Audacity stayed at version 2.1.2 and problem persisted)
Rebooting OS

Since I’ve had graphical issues with my laptop previously, I’ll list some hardware details as well:
Intel Core i3-6100
Intel HD graphics 520

First time running the program, the window started flickering right away with some actual frequency plotted (see attached video).
The same happened after apt upgrade.

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Since it was asking me to update to 17.04 for a while now, I figured I’d get it out of the way.

Since upgrading Ubuntu to 17.04, I’ve not experienced the problem anymore. However, there might be people still left on 16.10 for whatever reason.

Moved to correct board.