Audacity sounds but not record a thing

Hi, Im trying to record my bass in audacity and I can’t.

I tried using the 3 controllers that offers the software, Windows direct sound, WASAPI and MME. I’m using a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22 external sound card. It only works if I press the “Direct monitor” button (I mean, it only sounds).

I don’t know what to do, when I hit the record button the line keeps being plane, and sometimes I can heard static noise but no more… I tries with cubase in my other computer and same problem.

Please help me, thanks in advance…

If you don’t press the Direct Monitor button, the UMC22 sends the computer playback sound to the headphones. If you do push it, it lets you hear your live microphone (or instrument) and the computer. That’s the setting you use for Overdubbing. I don’t own one, but I own two of the other, similar Behringer devices and they all work about the same way.

If it doesn’t work in any other software, you should probably close Audacity and see if Windows can find the UMC22.

If you changed the sound channel settings, you should probably change them back to default. 44100, 16-bit, Stereo or Mono. Probably Mono to start. This is natively a Mono device.

Any luck?


I did what you said to me and I put some attachments of my actual configuration, I think my dispositive is being recognized (USB CODEC) and tha last one is from 3 “recordings” I made with MME, Direct Sound and Wasapi, none of them registered nothing.

Thank you for your answers

Sorry for double post but I forgot to say that the link that yoy provided sends me to a page that I’m not authorized to read

Sorry. :blush:

Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom right tooldock - then click on Open Volume Mixer

What we’re looking for is bouncing sound meters in Windows. Audacity gets its sound from Windows not the device. So if Windows can’t see it, Audacity hasn’t got a chance.

The UMC22 has Windows driver software.

And one other important point. If the software starts talking about ASIO software, Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO.

If it’s possible, try on a another computer. If that fails, the UMC22 is broken.


The Behringer webpage sends me to an asio4all download, I already have that driver!

Ok, I don’t know who but now is working.

But there’s a great BUT, the sound coming out of my bass is distorted only when I play open strings… Any suggestion?


The UMC22 has red clip lights on the front panel. Adjust the UMC22 recording volume so those lights never come on. They indicate permanent, evil-sounding damage.

Over on Audacity, look at the blue waves and the bouncing light sound meter. The blue waves are never allowed to go all the way up and down (+1 and -1). The sound meter is never allowed to bounce all the way up into the red (0dB).

I expect all three of those to happen at about the same time. If Audacity overloads and the UMC22 is still OK, then you may have something in Windows trying to help you. Audacity can’t do a sound boost during recording.

Let us know.