Audacity & Sound Issue


I’ve just had a problem with my audacity software and it is driving me crazy. I’ve not had the problem before but I now cannot get rid of it.

Long story short…I use Audacity to record voice track for let’s play/ review videos to go onto youtube. The gameplay and recordings are done with bandicam. I want to keep both tracks separate so I can edit at a later date. Today however when coming to edit a video series, when putting the video track into the time line, I can here the ingame sounds/voices playing back over my own voice track.

I’ve gone into audacity and no settings appear to have changed. I’ve tested this by playing some music whilst recording voice and now…sure enough it is picking up the sound being played from the computer. I use a headset with a mic to record my voice and I have the in game sounds playing out of it as well. It’s plug into the front jacks of my PC.

I’m really at my wits end because I’ve not seen this or had this happen previously but it seems to be a stuck thing now.

I really don’t understand why Audacity is picking up and recording the sounds as if they are coming out of a speaker. I know its not because I have the headphones up loud because regardless of volume level it records the audio.

Has anyone had this problem or come across it before?

I’ve using Wins7

Please state the exact three-section version of Audacity from “Help > About Audacity”.

Check in the device toolbar that you have selected the device that you want to record from.
The “host” setting should normally be “MME” unless you want to record sounds that are playing on the computer (in which case you would usually use “WASAPI” and set the recording device to the “loopback” option of the device that is playing the audio).


Apologies. WIN7 > 2.06

Recording device is set as Front Mic and listening (the speaker) is set to Realtek High definition and MME.

I’ve also re-installed the audio drivers. I hate to say it but I’m comparing a recording I did about a week ago…and the sound levels are much higher aswell. You can’t hear the computer sound in the track and my own mic was much clearer. I’ve tried boosting the microphone but this makes the computer audio much more distinct.

You mean “2.0.6”, I hope.

We can’t see your computer. What is the make and model number of the mic? I hope you are using headphones. What is the make and model number of those and how do they connect to your computer?

Have you changed Bandicam settings?