Audacity sound disappears when zooming in out out

When I have a project file open and I zoom in or out, the audio disappears. The file is still open but the peaks and valleys of the audio disappear and when I hit play, from 0, there is no sound… it is gone.

I have replicated this a few times. Is this a known issue?

Windows 10

Version 2.2.0

And now it’s happening also when the peaks and valleys don’t disappear. There is simply no sound. I have to close the project, open it back up and then I have sound again. Is it possible to download and older version?

It’s a known issue of all versions of Audacity if the audio data is not readable.

Is this problem occurring with a saved project? If so, were is the project saved?

If you shut down Audacity, then restart Audacity, and generate a tone (Generate menu > Tone), does the problem occur?

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Ok, so if this is a known issue, how does it get fixed?

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As I wrote previously, it is a known issue (all versions of Audacity) if the project data is not readable. For example, if the project data is on an external drive that is not connected, or if you have moved, deleted or renamed the project “_data” folder. See here for more information about managing Audacity projects: Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual

I can’t really offer much help unless you provide the information requested.