Audacity sound captures get fainter and fainter

I am on Windows 10, Audacity 3.2.2. When I first started using Audacity, I had no problem doing sound captures. For some reason, my sound captures are getting fainter and fainter as the recording goes along so the sound captures are not useful. I have no idea what could be causing this.

I had no problem doing sound captures.

Of what? On-line performances? Your microphone?


Perhaps you are recording from your microphone: Make sure Windows Enhancements are turn OFF:
Hold the Windows key and press “R”.
In the box, type in “mmsys.cpl”
Select the Recording tab.
Select your microphone
Select Properties
Click on the Enhancements tab
Check “Disable all sound effects”

To record from Youtube or what your computer is playing, select Host: WASAPI, and record from the speaker/headphones(loopback)

To record Zoom, Skype - these calls need to be recorded from a central device - not your computer. Ask to have a recording made and sent to you.

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I was trying to do sound captures of youtube videos and I could not capture them.