Audacity smushes music track to the left of the window.

I just edited my podcast interview and wanted to add music for intro and outro. I have done this before. Now, when I add the music track to the audio track, it does not go across the screen as the audio track does. I have attached an example. Can anyone help, please?
Audacity problem.png

How long is the music track supposed to be, and how long is it when imported into Audacity? What does it sound like when you play it?
What format is the music track (MP3, WAV, etc)?
In the Finder, right-click on the music track and select Get Info. In the “More Info” section, what is the Sample Rate?
– Bill

Add music… How?

If you are recording, try Shift-Record.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Thank you both for your responses. I figured it out, I think. I just zoomed all the way in so I could select pieces of the mp3 music file and edit portions that fit with my audio track.
The track did play in its entirety. I think I am okay for now.
Thanks again!!