Audacity slowing down drastically

I’m working with audio files that are under 30 minutes and it seems ANY changes I make, after a certain number of changes, slows down audacity.

This seems insane as, what I’m looking at right now, is a file that I’m DELETING content from and making SMALLER but audacity is still slowing down. I’m copying and pasting blank audio over pauses in recording, but yes, the file is getting smaller as a result and- audacity is freaking out. I just don’t get it. How does a SMALLER file equate to longer wait times? I even split the dual track that the recording was made in to a single mono track, drastically decreasing the size, but the program progressively slows down anyway.
What in the world is going on?

I reverted to 2.4.2 as another topic like this suggested… akkk! I have hours of recordings in aup3- is there a way to install a 3.0 version so they’re at least accessible on my system? I can always transfer stuff as wav files.

Okay so- yes, I work fast.

Here’s a current work around for this issue.
Something is up with audacity version 3. However many windows devices have 2 program files sections, one labeled program files, and one labeled program files 86. If you have made the mistake of updating and then making several recordings, this is a viable solution:

Install 2.4.2 to program files 86
Install 3.0.2 to program files

Now you can transfer any audio you still want to use via the WAV format. This isn’t ideal, but unless you want to spend hours re-recording, it’s the best option I got.