Audacity slow to start

Whenever I start Audacity, it takes over 9 seconds for it to start. It’s way too slow when I have to work with lots of wav files through the day. Sound Forge Pro 13 opens in 3 seconds, and it scans my plugins while starting, so If I disable them, even faster.

Audacity opens fast if I open another instance, so it’s always the first instance that starts really slow. Any tips? I did try disabling all the plugins, and tried changing from MME to DirectSound and WASAPI, but nothing affected the slow startup time. I remember that I noticed the slow startup first when Audacity 3 came out, I did try installing 2.4.2 today but it also started slow, maybe they are sharing some files, I dont know. Is there some terminal window where I can see what audacity is doing while it’s starting and why it is hanging? Two of my friends told me that their Audacity starts in 2 seconds.

Audacity 3.1.3
Windows 11
Ryzen 2600X
GTX 1070
32 gigs of ram
Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD
Several SSD’s with plenty of free space

Now I found a way to make it start faster, when I disabled the microphones (wireless controller headset microphone and oculus virtual audio device from windows sound settings), Audacity started to launch fast, and Audacity starts fast even if I enable them. Sounds like a weird bug.


well that was short lived, after a while it started starting up slow again, and now even disabling the microphones won’t affect it

After some testing I found out that it’s the oculus quest 2 microphone, if it’s enabled in the recording tab, audacity starts slow. I hope there will be a fix for this other than me having to enable and disable hardware. I noticed there are similar problems from earlier years also with the microphones so it’s not exactly a new bug

According to Google, “Oculus Quest 2 mic not working” is a common problem, not specifically to do with Audacity but generally. There’s a long thread about it on reddit: