Audacity skips irratically during recording karaoke & midis

skipping during recording of Karaokes or Midis very minor but enough to be very frustrating. I’ve completed all the refractings and etc. and have all kinds of memory and available space…?

Yes, but is the machine fast enough? Live audio (and video) can’t wait. Real Time is a pain in the neck.

What else is the machine doing? Is Audacity competing with a bunch of other processes and tasks? Do you run Skype and is it still running in the background? Virus Protection programs can drive Audacity nuts as they can insist on inspecting every new file, including all the temporary capture snippets. That’s pretty deadly.

Do you leave all your memory hungry applications running in the background?


I have no idea what Skype is…? I do know that I have skybolt installed. I have noticed that other video other than Siglos does not run smooth on some videos but not all…? There is a roughness in a lot of videos I try to view…? I am not computer savey by any means! Could the processor or sound card have anything to do with this problem…? I have no idea what they are but the words themselves sound relative. Thanks for any direction you can supply!

We have to make assumptions about the poster and sometimes we overshoot.

Skype is an insanely popular videoconferencing program. It got popular because it tends to work much better than other similar programs, but its down side is it can mess up other programs trying to use sound on the computer. “I’m going to take all the sound for myself and you can go jump in the lake.”

So that does tend to be our first choice for problems.

Most computer programs can stop and wait. Would you know if your spreadsheet took an extra half-second to calculate, or your email was one second longer downloading than normal? Audio recording isn’t like that. Musical notes come right after each other and if the machine has to take a break to catch its breath, it’s going to miss recording some of the performance.

So try this. Disconnect the network, DSL or Cable Modem. Restart the machine and ONLY use Audacity. Does it record better? If it doesn’t, then we have to look somewhere else.

Oh, there is one simple problem that everyone has. Do you have USB sound equipment and did you connect it directly to the computer or through a USB hub. Audacity does not like going through hubs and that can cause gritty sound and holes in the show.

If a lot of that is puzzling, describe the computer and the equipment you have. We’ll work up from there.


First, thank you for trying to work with total moron when it comes to computers…! I am using a XENYX 1200 FX control board cabled into th mic and headset 1/8 plugs. When I first purchased the board I ordered a seperate USB connection unit but could never get to work without the skipping. I sent it back and got cables to hook it up as is and it was better…?

I unpluged the DSL from the phone jack and it still skipped. But I disconnected everything from the computer and low and behold it did not skip with 2 trials…! Please stand by and I’ll get back to you after more tries. Could this have been the problem…? Thank You so much for working with me…!

You never described the computer. Yes, all the other stuff can certainly impact the quality of the show. The computer has a limited ability to talk to the outside world and if it’s really busy doing that, then some of the more speed intensive jobs – sound – may lose.

What was the USB adapter thing you mentioned? We have to build your environment in our heads as you describe it, so you can’t tell us too much.

I need to leave for a while, but both having the the USB connection fail and gritty sound on the analog connections is troubling.



My computer is a Quadratech Solutions P4/Celeron Intel (R)
Celeron (R) CPU 2.00GHZ, 2.00 GB of Ram

Mirosoft Windows XP Prfessional Verson 2002 Service Pak 2

That doesn’t seem to give any Google hits.

Can I assume it’s a laptop? How many USB connections does it have? If it’s a laptop, it may run out pretty quickly. If you plugged the USB equipment in the original shipment into the laptop by way of a USB Concentrator or Hub…

Then that may be why it failed. USB audio will not go through a hub with other equipment like keyboards, mice, and cameras.

If you connected the mixer Line-Outs to the computer via the Mic-In connection, then that’s why the current recordings may not sound very good. The Line-Out of the mixer provides a sound signal that is loud, powerful, robust and stereo. This is similar to other home music system connections.

The Mic-In of the laptop is expecting a microphone which produces a very tiny, delicate, easily damaged, mono signal. Not stereo.

Did you send the USB equipment back? We could probably have gotten that to work. We recommend a UCA202 to do jobs similar to the ones you have.


The computer is not a laptop. the connections of the mixer to the computer are as follows:

One cable is going from mixer line 5/6 L (tip) and R (ring) to the computer headphone 1/8 plug.
One cable is going from mixer L (tip) and R (ring) Main Out to the Mic 1/8 plug.

I’m looking to find that adapter I sent back but haven’t found it at SameDay Music yet! What is the brand name for the UCA202 or where cn I purchase it?. That sounds like the unit I had.

OK…Mr. Koz…I have now purchased the UCA202 and have it connected as follows;

From the Beringer 1202FX Main Outs L&R to th UCA202 Inputs L&R.
From the UCA202 Outputs L&R to the Speakers L&R.

Now I know don’t have any recording input to Audaity, no audio through the speakers from the MIC, Siglos plays so irratic and distorted it’s ridiculous, and no input of the instruments…? HELP…!!!

Update: Today my Son-in-law Electrical Engineer came and has worked out some of my problems. As of today I now have the hook-ups as previously stated and now Siglos plays without interuption and Audacity shows stereo recording. When the recording is played back the audio from Siglos is on there along with the Microphone. However, during the recording process, I have No Mic or Inst audio sound coming from the speakers like I previously had hoked direct? I also show no LED lights on the 1202 showing output level of anything. I can’t understand how I could have anything coming through or from the 1202 only having cables from L&R Main Out as shown in the UCA202 booklet…? I hooked phones into the UCA202 and the only audio I get is Siglos music. No Mic or Inst…? HELP…!

I’m assuming Kosikowski has been on vacation and unable to answer my last post…? Since my last post I have received some info from a Care forum regarding hookups and now have it as follows:

1202 LINE 5/6 in L&R to the OUTput of the UCA202
1202 cd/tape out L&R to the INput of the UCA202

I know have my MIC and INST and Soglos coming thru my powered speakers as before. But…Audacity will not record anything. It seems not to be receiving these audio signals. Audacity records fine using the previous direct hookup…? HELP…!

This is a very busy public forum with many more people asking questions than answering questions. There are no paid staff.

If you plug your headphones into the mixer, can you hear through the headphones the sounds that you want to record?

Steve, you must have missed my point. I’m hearng everything I want to hear through my speakers and/or phones. the problem is Audacity is not recording anything. No audio input to Audacity…?

We can’t see your set-up, so unless you tell us, we have no idea of where your headphones are plugged in.

What level do you have showing on the meter in the mixer when you are trying to record? Do the yellow LEDs light up?