Audacity skipping while recording?

I’m trying to do some home recording using a pre-amp (Steinberg UR 22 to be exact) and it skips so badly I can’t record anything at all. I’ve used a normal mic with no problem but when I use the Steinberg I get this issue. Any idea why?

I’ve Googled but the issues I’ve found seem to be different than the one I am experiencing.

Are you going through a USB hub or splitter? Audio (or video) should never do that. Always go straight into the computer. Hub time sharing may cause the audio stream to drop bits here and there. You may not notice it on a keyboard or mouse, but the audio stream is going to notice it. Can you try more than one USB connection?

Are you trying to use the Steinberg “studio” or very high bitratres? Your system may not be able to go that fast. Try setting the system to 44100, 16-bit, Stereo (Audio CD settings) and see if it still has problems.

Are you using any other apps at the same time as the Steinberg? That’s not a good idea, particularly if they’re audio apps like Skype or a game. Restart the machine and make sure nothing else starts before you try to record.

Can you make it worse? Is there anything you can do to make the problem much worse. I know that’s not the goal, but a change like that can help us locate the problem.

I’ve used a normal mic with no problem

What does that mean?


Thanks for your kind reply. The Steinberg connects to the computer using the USB port. The mic was connected the same way.

So it’s a USB microphone. Which one?


If you mean the brand I have no idea. I only know that the Steinberg when connected via USB skips while recording…and there isn’t another way to connect it.

Hello? Anyone?

I presume that you mean a microphone that plugs into your computer’s “mic” mini-jack socket, and not a USB mic?

Is the computer a laptop or full size?
If it’s a full size PC, try plugging the UR 22 into a USB socket on the back of the computer rather than the front.
Ensure that the UR 22 is connected directly to the PC and not through a USB Hub.