Audacity skipping on save

I can record my podcast and listen back during the same session. But once I save it - either Save Project As or export as Mp3 - both the saves and the original session skip. This is drastic - like overall length going from 90 minutes during the session to 55 once I export or reopen the session. PLEASE HELP! this has happened for three consecutive recording sessions.

Describe the machine. What kind of hard drive? Classic Spinning Metal or Solid State Dive?

How large is the drive and how full is it? While Audacity is still open, Go > Computer > Macintosh HD > File > Get Info.

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 18.35.14.png
This is my SSD. It’s about half full.

Are you even using local storage? Are you trying to save the work to iCloud or other on-line or network storage?

Pay attention to the saved playback. Does it always die in exactly the same places each time you play?