Audacity Simply Stopped Playback Audio

I’ve been using Audacity as my only recording program for nearly two years. Today, I recorded my audio as usual but when I want to play it back - absolutely no sound. The sound bar moves, and I can play the sound on another computer - just not the one I use to do all of my recording. Any thoughts on how this happened, and more importantly, how to fix it? (Audacity 2.4.1 on Windows 10 Home)

Check your [u]Playback Device[/u] settings

Done that a million times. AGAIN… absolutely nothing has changed. I finished a project and turned off the computer. Literally turned it back on - no audio.

Will the computer play anything?


Do you use headphones? Unplug and replug the headphones or “exercise” the connection.

absolutely nothing has changed.

It got older.

Is it internet connected? Do you allow auto updates?

When a “magic” problem like this presents, we suddenly need to know everything about your condition/situation/environment. There is no, “It stopped working, what’s wrong with Audacity.”

What’s the show? What are you recording? Do these works play using a Windows media player?


Same here. I recorded a V.O. for a friend to add music to later. I came back to it, it played a few times and then no playback. The audio is there, the meters read output but nothing through the interface. It recognizes the interface, I can record audio but cannot hear the audio through either the interface nor the laptop speakers. Please help! I’m getting deeper into Voiceover work and Audacity is what I want to use. I am running 3.4.2 on a MacBook Pro M2 using a Solid State Logic 2 interface.

Audacity has always been a nightmare in my studio. It might work for the occasional user that always has it set up one way, but here I am trying to do several diverse sessions a day.

Last week, I began to have the same problem that you described, and I also spent hours and hours trying to figure out why sometimes it wouldn’t record, sometimes it wouldn’t play, or all of a sudden everything had to be raised 30db in order to even be heard.

Five hours of screensharing and troubleshooting with both Dell and Microsoft finally solved the problem, but as soon as I changed my input from mixer to YouTube, the whole thing screwed up again.

I am having Mac emulators put on my PCs, and get ride of this %$# dammed toy of a recording program once and for all. It is the most user-unfriendly program in the history of personal computing.

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