Audacity Silence - At begining or ending of Track

  • I would like to know why Audacity Silence No Longer is interpreted on my Cambridge Audio Media Player Device.

I am running WIndows 7 Ultimate . Sound Card is Creative SoundBlaster etc.

  • Since the Latest update (around 2017) adding silence at the beginning of any WAV/Mp3 Track would no Longer be interpreted by The Music Player?

Silence is interpreted in Windows Media Player with no issues.

But when I play the WAV File track in a Cambridge Media Player or other outboard Media Player>>>The Silence at the beginning of the track is completely skipped out and it plays the Music right away instead of a silent pause (Added Silence from Audacity.)

  • This was never an issue before, and only appeared when the NEW Audacity update was sent out.

I have the Latest Version @ 2.2.2

*Note: When I (Generate Tone)…the Media Player will play the tone?
When I (Generate Silence) at the beginning or end of the track, the Player skips them out.

  • Question: Are there any settings in Audacity that require tweaking to enable Silence to be interpreted by other Media Players?.

*Note: When I log into a CLONED Windows system with Audacity (Not sure if its an older Version of Audacity) That Version of Audacity can create silence of the Track that is interpreted by the Cambridge / NAD Media Player.

Why Does one version of Audacity in Windows completes the silence output , and another updated version of Audacity will not complete the silence when exporting it as WAV file?

I am also using a Soundbridge DAW 64bit on my Windows PC.

Could the DAW be affecting Audacity sound in some way?

I assume Audacity is not connected to any other program when it is alone running and should not be interfered with other Audio Programs.

This has never been an issue with Audacity, now that function seems to not work?

The latest version is 2.3.3, and is available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Download for Windows

No. “Silence” is as it has always been in Audacity - it is “silence”.
There is however a difference between “silence” and “empty space”. In Audacity 2.2.2, Export would ignore any “empty space” at the start of a track.
In the tracks shown below, the upper track has “silence” at the start, and the lower track has “empty space” at the start: