Audacity Shuts Down

I have the latest version of Audacity. This morning when trying to modify audio which I had captured from my turntable. When I went to increase the volume of the file, Audacity deleted the file. I tried a 2nd time but saved the file to my hard drive. I tried a second time to modify the file, Audacity cleared the file again.

What can I do to resolve this problem?


[email deleted]

I deleted your email address. We are a Spam Magnet and your account would go rapidly underwater.
That and nobody is going to write you back.

So Audacity didn’t crash or shut down. It keeps running, but the timeline goes blank or flat-line? If that’s not it, I didn’t understand completely.

If you’re exporting work, are you following good filename practices? No punctuation marks or non-ISO dates, etc?

You can drive Audacity and Windows nuts by putting a date in the filename. Slash marks have special meaning.