Audacity shuts down my pc

Hi, I’m having a little problem with the program, every time I try to import the audio from a video, the pc restarts after a few seconds. It doesn’t happen with anything else, only with audacity. Does anyone know why?

the pc restarts after a few seconds.

All the way down to boot? Do you have to log in again? It’s probably not Audacity. Audacity doesn’t do anything to the System. Audacity may be touching something in your machine that’s pre-broken.

It’s pretty hard to bring Windows 10 down.

How much room do you have on your hard drive?

When this happens, it’s a terrific idea to clean shutdown the machine to clean up. Non-graceful shutdowns can create problems making the machine more likely to fail in the future.

Shift+Shutdown, OK, Wait. Start.

Not regular Shutdown and not Restart.

When was the last time you did that thorough virus scan that takes all night?


Possibly running out of resources. Check how much RAM and disk space are available. If your computer has more than one drive, the "C:" drive is particularly important.

If that’s not the problem, it could be a problem with the sound card drivers, but check memory (RAM) and disk space first. Avoid using 3rd party drivers - use the latest drivers available for Window 10 and your exact computer model, from the computer manufacturer.

Yes, the computer restarts completely.

I know Audacity does nothing to the system, but the reboot only happens to me with audacity.

I have already reinstalled windows, drivers and programs, but it keeps happening.

I have 8gb ram, windows and memtest say they are fine. I have 400Gb of hard disk space available.

The strangest thing is that if I put a hard disk from another pc, it works normally, but I need it to work again with my disk.

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I suppose you could try checking your drive for file system errors.

To do this, run File Explorer, in the left-hand column select “This PC”, right-click on “Windows (C:)”, select “Properties”, go to the Tools tab, then under “Error checking” select “Check”.

There may be some options to fix file system errors and attempt recovery of bad sectors you want to consider.

Yes, I did that too and there are no errors.

Even after the post I found out that it does not let me do from the cmd, use of dism.exe or sfc commands, since it still restarts.

The first thing I thought was that it was a failure in my hard disk, but if I change it to the other pc it works without problems, I can import the audios, only in 2 occasions it gave me an error of 0xc0000005 inside the audacity, but without restarts. But if I put it back to my pc it instantly restarts when importing.

Hello again, I have already done several tests and I have had some improvements, although I still have the reboots.

In the end I removed the graphics and audio drivers, re-downloaded and re-installed them, used the “Load Setup Default Values” option in the BIOS and removed the battery. But it didn’t fix the problem.

I looked at the S.M.A.R.T. values of the hard disk, and it says that the DD has a “failure” but that it is ok, the strange thing is that the DD2 of the other pc comes out with “fatal error” and does not cause me those restarts.

With the help of a program of “pc stress” I put it to the maximum, and I loaded everything at 100 for almost 30 minutes and that did not cause reboots, so it does not seem to be the use of heavy pc.

I also checked the ram with memtest and it came out fine, so in desperation I did what I thought was best, swapping the pc.

From my PC1 I took the DD1 and the graphic, which I passed to the PC2, of this one I only extracted the DD2 because it does not have graphic. with that the pc were running marvelously, there were no restarts with the audacity, neither with the cmd, nor with the use. It was running great, UNTIL almost two days later it restarted again in full use. I looked again in the event viewer and the only error is 41, which according to what I looked for is due to power. After the reboot it went back to the same thing, every time I use audacity or cmd specifically, bam it restarts. I swapped them again and they gave me errors to start, but this time I was able to run the commands with the windows cd.

After that, it has been working normally, only that from time to time it restarts again. I have already changed the ups and even checked the socket where it is connected but everything seems to be normal. Now I just need to change the DD and the power supply, but without being sure I have not dared.

Thank you.