Audacity shutdown with export dialog.

I have had the same issue.

I recorded my first podcast for a new client using Audacity for the first time and as soon as I finished recording I saved and tried to export so I would have a back up of the file in a format other than Audacity project file. The whole thing corrupted and I now have the recovered data only, which is in the form of 180 files that look something like this:

I can see that these are snippets of the entire audio from the recording but they don’t appear to be in any particular order and I’m not sure what to do with them in order to turn them into a useable file for editing (I know that’s a separate issue so not asking for a solution here, just letting you know that is what I’m seeing as a result of this export problem).

I’m using Audacity 2.2.0 and only downloaded it a week ago.

The current version of Audacity is 2.2.1, which you can get via the Audacity website:

We are not able to reproduce this problem, so perhaps there is some crucial detail that we are missing. I’ll ask you about the details and perhaps that may help us find what’s going on.

Can you be more specific. You mean that you saved the “Project” (in the “Audacity Project” format)?
Where, and with what name did you save it?

Is that a separate step after saving the project had completed?
What format were you exporting to, where and with what file name?

Had Audacity crashed (quit and disappeared), or frozen (locked up and unresponsive), or still on screen and working, or produces an error message, or something else?
What was “the whole thing” that corrupted?
How could you see that the “whole thing corrupted”?

How did you recover the data?

Are you aware that a normal Audacity project consists of an AUP file, plus a “_data” folder, and that the _data folder contains a structure of numbered folders. each containing “.AU” files?