Audacity shows no BPM figure/number?

Hi everyone

(Audacity 3.0.4 – Windows 10)

I’ve scoured the internet trying to find an answer, with no success at all.

In Audacity, if I use the “Beat Finder”, all I get is lots of “Bs”. Fine, but I see no actual number of BPMs.

If I use the “Change Tempo” facility, I get no BPM number whatsoever.
I can enter one, but I don’t get the original one.
And in order to enter one (on the right hand side) I’ve got to create and enter a random one in the first space, on the left hand side (of Change Tempo’s “Beats per minute”)

Is there anywhere, in Audacity, something that displays the actual number/figure of BPMs??

in advance, thank you very much for your kind help


When I want to know the bpm of a piece of music, I just count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply by 4. (For perfect accuracy, count the number of beats in a minute).

I’ve not tried it in years, so I don’t know if it still works with Audacity, but in the past I have used “Tempo and Beat Tracker” VAMP plug-in from the “QM Vamp Plugins” set: