Audacity should control full audio board capabilities


I’ve been using Audacity last 10 years. 5 years with Windows and 5 years with Ubuntu Studio (GNU/Linux).

I have to say that Audacity is so fine to record, edit and playback audio. I really thanks all the development team!!!

BUT…, As any other human works…, It can be improved!!!

I think Audacity needs to let the user controls all of the PC audio board parameters, whatever it is.

I’m talking about to control any kind of audio input, in any way, to any audio output, in any way.

In other words: Audacity have to “read” all the audio board capabilities and to create a “personalized” panel with all the audio inputs and outputs, full adjustable and configurable by the user, at any time.


  1. To record from the Mic input to any recording channel and, at the same time, to record from the Line input to any other recording channel. It should be in any mode, mono or stereo.

  2. To record from any internal audio source (Internet, Qmmp, etc.) to any recording channel and, at the same time, to record from any external source (Mic and/or Line) to any recording channel. Mono or Stereo.

  3. To playback any audio input, in real time, to any surround audio output channel (FrontLeft, FrontRight, Center, RearLeft, RearRight, LFE, etc). All full user adjustable.

  4. To configure the playback audio outputs whatever the user wants, even in the middle of some tracks (to pan the tracks to any surround output audio channel).

Those are some ideas about what I want to mean.

I guess some kind of those controls are somewhere into the central OS, but… The development team always should think about to work all these things INSIDE the Audacity GUI (to make the things more easy to the final user).

Just a crazy idea from a very old man!!!

Blessings and Greetings from Chile, South America!!!


That sounds like an interface development team. I mean one separate from the actual program.

I agree it needs work. I think a majority of posted problems on the forum are for interface. “I can’t hear my playback,” “My microphone doesn’t work,” How do I plug in my turntable?"

So as I calculate this, the new interface should gracefully deal with the three common computer systems and model variations and product updates and all of the plug-in variations.

And write the manual.

How would you write the manual?