Audacity seems frozen

I was recording in Audacity a little bit earlier and my microphone gave out and after that it seemed like Audacity froze. It stopped recording and now it won’t save! Pretty much everything in the menu is greyed out and unclickable and the buttons in Audacity are also unclickable. I also cannot right click on the audio and copy or anything. What can I do to save what is recorded?

I have an Audacity 1.2.6 and a Windows XP

my microphone gave out

Your USB microphone?

Thanks for responding. Yes my USB microphone, it’s a Dynex.

I have to give you the obligatory lecture on using old software. Audacity 1.2.5 is multiple versions old and “no longer supported.” So I should be wishing you a happy day while I go make a hot tea.

Almost without a doubt Audacity has crashed and whatever the program has managed to save is all you have left. Audacity, particularly the early versions were a complete slave to the data system surrounding it. If the data stream from the microphone crashes, it’s lights-out in the hen house.

Early Audacity versions had terrible disaster recovery and that’s one of the features that gets very much better in the more modern versions.


Try File > Exit and see if Audacity offers to “Save changes?” If so, you could try “Cancel” and see if you can then export as WAV. Or you can try “Yes” to save as an Audacity project. Don’t answer “No” or your work will be deleted.

If Audacity does not respond to File > Exit, force quit it in Windows Task Manager and recover the AU files from the Audacity temporary folder. See .


Do those two eventually point to each other? Koz

Do you mean, does point to ?

Yes if you read the entire length of, but as that page has nothing to do with 1.2 versions, I would think a 1.2 user would want to go direct to .


Yes I am aware, sorry! :frowning: This is an old computer and my new computer is currently messed up with an updated Audacity on there. I just started using this one semi recently and did not update!

Thanks for responding Gale! I was able to click exit and save changes by clicking yes! Last time this happened (it has happened once before, should have updated then I know) and I tried to exit, it just exited without asking to save changes and I had lost everything. I also did not know at the time where the temporary folder was, I figured it had one. Thank you!