Audacity saving multiple copies of the same file

I’m having a problem with multiple copies being created. Filenames are something like 07_The_Sorcerer’s_Destiny_Chapter 7 post (2023_02_24 03_02_38 UTC).aup3 with the name being the same only the time stamp is different. There’s upwards of 3 to five of these things, like it’s saving a different copy whenever I hit the quick save option instead of simply overwriting. I don’t use a time stamp in the name so I’m not the one creating it. It’s either Audacity or Windows is doing something weird. I found an old post about a preferences option for creating copies, but that no longer appears to be relevant as I don’t have the copies option specified. Aside from eating up drive space, all these copies make it difficult to find the proper files for editing.

I can’t say that Audacity is creating these files. Perhaps you are using a 3rd party backup or cloud synchronization tool.

Hm. Maybe something like Windows file version? I think you may be right, but nothing else is being copies, like the mp3 and wav files. Only the aup3 files. I’ll dig into it.

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