Audacity saves my files wrong, please help!

So I have been using audacity for years with the same mic, probably for about 3 years now and it has worked fine. I use it for making covers and fandubs on youtube using Movie Maker on my Windows 8 computer. I believe it’s a MAC as well. Anyway, the mic I use is a Logitech headset with a usb port that plugs right into my computer and I record off of Audacity using that. For years it has worked and then just recently it saved one of my files and it came out sounding very “staticy”. Like everytime my voice sounded, depending on how high or low my volume was, the static sound would come with my voice. I have checked to make sure it isn’t my mic and as far as I can tell it isn’t. Because when I play back my audacity files on audacity, it sounds fine. But when I save it and try to use it on Movie Maker, the sound is staticy. I have played around with audacity trying to figure out what could be the problem, but I haven’t had any luck so far. Please help! I really want to get back to recording!

I have attached a file to let you know what it sounds like.

Thank you for including a good sound test. Do you have a short segment of an old show you can post where everything is working?


Just because I have no good direction yet, did you try restarting the machine?

I believe it’s a MAC as well.

What did you mean by that? You have two computers?