Audacity running incredibly slow and crashing

Hi guys,

I’m editing my podcast in audacity. I’ve set it up to automatically normalise audio as it is uploaded. However, every time I run a program like click removal or normalise, it does 0% and the time remaining just climbs and climbs. The audio I’ve just added is about ten seconds long and time remaining is 125 hours currently.

Also audacity keeps crashing while I am editing. It keeps playing and wont let me press any buttons to stop it until I go to task manager and end task.

Any help would be appreciated! It isn’t an old laptop and has plenty of storage, but it has consistently been rubbish since I got it (it’s a crappy lenovo one). I also just updated laptop to see if that would help, and reinstalled audacity. Neither made any difference.


The “time remaining” problem if you have tracks of very different lengths has now been fixed in the current Audacity 2.1.3 release from So I suggest you upgrade. Even in the version you have now, the effect does complete in normal time if you just leave it alone, notwithstanding the incorrect time remaining.

Please always tell us what version of Audacity you are using when you post. See the pink panel at the top of the page.

Try it in 2.1.3, but it sounds like your playback device is freezing up. Is it a USB device? What is its make and model number?

If it’s a USB device it probably needs you to do a “cold boot” (full shutdown). You can’t use USB Audio Devices for weeks on end without a cold boot. To cold boot, click the Windows button in Taskbar, Power Menu, then hold SHIFT on your computer keyboard and click “Shut down”.