Audacity RMS requirements too low!

Hiya guys,

I haven’t submitted via Audacity before, however my latest voiceover project is via this site. In terms of the audio submission requirements, everything is pretty much good apart from this rule:

Each uploaded file must measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS.

When I first submitted the audiobook, it was rejected because the volume was too low. However, it is BECAUSE I have to lower the RMS to -18dB that it is so low! So I’m not quite sure what to do about that. I’ve tried messing about with the ‘amplify’ effect instead, but it won’t let me press ‘OK’ unless I’m lowering the volume as well (going into the minuses).

Any suggestions guys would be great,

Thank you so much.

We developed a tool that posts all the relevant AudioBook values in one place. Please download and install acx-check.

Select your work by clicking just above MUTE. Analyze > ACX Check. Attach the info panel to a forum message.

Also please mention which computer you have and version and which Audacity, all three numbers.


Achieving all the ACX values except loudness (RMS) is pretty common. How to fix it will depend on the answer to those questions.

Let us know where you get stuck. Details are good. We have to build your system in our imagination.



I tried downloading ACX check, and nothing happened. It ‘downloaded’ but then was a blank document when I tried to open it.

Many thanks,


As Koz said, download from If it is easier, right-click over the “View” Link then choose Save Link as or Save Target as.

Using Audacity 2.1.1, see for how to install ACX_Check. After installation, look in the Analyze menu for it.

If you are not using 2.1.1, restart Audacity instead of using “Manage”.

As Koz asked, please tell us your operating system and version of Audacity (all three numbers).