Audacity reversing channels

I’m ripping tapes and what comes out of my deck as right channel is recorded in Audacity as left and vice versa. Is there a way to stop that from happening other than switching channels on the export map?

“Ripping” usually means “from CD”. Is there a CD player in the equation somewhere?

Please describe the deck (make and model number is useful) and how it connects to your computer. Have you transposed cables somewhere?


No CD player, recording tapes from the deck to PC directly.

It happens no matter what deck I use. I have used at least half a dozen Yamaha, Pioneer and Sony decks over the years and at least 4-5 different soundcards and it’s always the same, it was like that earlier on XP and now on 7, it just occured me I could as well ask on this forum for once why is that happening and is there a way to avoid it. It wasn’t happening long before that while I was still using EAC for recording though. I mean it’s no big deal swaping channels but nevertheless it would be inetersting to know the solution if there is any.

The cables are always the same, 2xRCA OUT on the deck side and 3,5 mm IN on the souncard.

Well, try EAC again. Does it record reversed now?


Also please tell us what Audacity version you are using (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

Also please be aware that if the 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) audio input is the only audio input on the computer, it is not really suitable for recording from a tape deck. If you care about recording quality, consider buying a USB interface that has a proper line-level input meant for strong signals:


It’s 6,35 mm IN on the latest soundcard actually, using adapter for the 3,5 mm cable end.

But anyway, it is solved, thanks Glen for the idea! :slight_smile: At first I have tried recording with EAC but still the same, channels swapped. Then I used my old cable which I still have and which was in use 10+ years ago for EAC when everything was fine… and it still is fine, channels are in order again! I wonder what could have happened to the newer cable, looks perfectly fine on the eye. Blah, never mind now as long as it all works :slight_smile:

Sorry, Gale, I was too excited it actually worked and I’m currently watching The Living Dead for the first time these days :slight_smile:

Audacity is 2.0.3. BTW.

That is really old now. You should consider upgrading: Audacity ® | Download for Windows.