Audacity respawning a zillion instances of itself, macOS


I just let Audacity upgrade itself to version My macOS version is 10.15.7 (19H2026), my machine is not compatible with newer versions.

When Audacity starts, during scanning of plugins, it spawns a zillion instances of itself, and new instances keep popping up in my task manager (cmd+alt+esc) and in my dock. If I try to force quit from the dock, it’s not fast enough, because new instances keep popping up. The only chance I have is to select them all at the same time in the task manager, and force quit them all simultaneously.

Is this something it has to do while scanning plugins, or is this a bug? I won’t take the chance of letting it keep spawning new instances to see what happens, because if it fills up my memory things go bad, I’ve been there.

I made a screengrab, so you can see what I mean. Previous times I tried to launch it, it launched some 10-20 instances untill I managed to force quit them all. Note: I only start Audacity once.

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