Audacity Replay Sound

I used Audacity version 3.1.3 in my Windows 8.1 laptop and it worked very well, then recently I upgraded my operating system to Windows 10. After that I can’t get any sound from my Audacity (Though I get sound from various other sources). I thought I should upgrade my Audacity version , so I downloaded & installed Audacity version 3.2.5, but still no sound from replays though I can record or do other functions in Audacity.
Can you help me to get sound from Audacity replays?. Thank you very much . Rama

Use the Audio Setup button to specify your Playback Device. You may need to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices first if you have any USB audio devices. Also some bluetooth devices may not work properly.

Have you done Tools > Reset Configuration ?

Hi Jademan. Thanks to your simple comment about Bluetooth, I have now figured out that the problem was caused by Bluetooth. When I switch off Bluetooth, it works fine. (oh dear it took me several hours to try all other solutions suggested in various forums and YouTube videos) . Thank you very much