Audacity records only partial/garbled signal from analog turntable

Windows 11. I’ve used Audacity for years to transfer analog (LPs) to digital files. On a new computer, I downloaded Audacity 3.1.3, and now can’t get a full signal from the turntable. The LP plays fine on the turntable, but Audacity is only picking up part, with lots of dropouts. What to do?

That could depend on how you have the turntable connected to your computer. You don’t state the name and model of your 1) turntable, 2) Phono pre-amp, 3) USB interface, or how you have it all connected.

Also, be sure that Windows Enhancements are turned OFF. Run mmsys.cpl, select Recording > Your USB interface > Properties > Enhancements.

Thanks!! It was the “enhancements” that was the culprit! Never arose for me before, but this computer must have had that checked as default. Much appreciated!