Audacity records Left Channel only, but other DAWs are fine. What changed?


I’m using Audacity 3.1.3, but also had this problem on the latest version.

I’ve always been able to rip vinyl perfectly, but something has changed and only the left channel records. It took a while to notice because both channels are showing up, since the left side also comes through the right channel.

I’m using an Allen & Heath Xone42 audio interface and this records fine with Ableton DAW.

It shows up in Ableton and Audacity as:

4- USB Audio CODEC.

If I use a different audio interface, audacity will record left and right channels in stereo. I’m unsure what to check in order to get it back as it was, there doesn’t appear to be anything I can do within audacity to fix it.
Currently running windows 10.
Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.

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