Audacity records both game audio and microphone input

I’ve searched extensively on this forum and on other sights so forgive me if it’s somewhere on here but my problem is that there is game volume in audacity. I’m trying to get it to record only my microphone but can’t figure out how.

Select your microphone as the recording device in the device toolbar.
If you need more help, please tell us:

  • Which version of Windows
  • Which version of Audacity (look in “Help > About Audacity”)
  • What sort of microphone
  • How the microphone is connected to the computer

I have my microphone plugged in. It records microphone AND game audio
I have:
Windows 10
Audacity 2.1.1
The headset is connected through USB

What do you have selected in the device toolbar? (all three options: “host”, “recording device” and “playback device”).

So which microphone are you trying to record, the mic in the headset, or some other mic?


Host= MME
Recording Device= Microphone (USB Audio Device)
Mono recording
Playback Device= Speakers (USB Audio Device)

I’m using the microphone in the headset. I have aslo tried my webcam mic and there is still game audio in my recording. Also, the game audio is really clear so I don’t think the mic is picking it up from my headset.

If you installed the drivers on the CD I think this may install an audio manager control panel. Look at the settings there.


What should I look for?

UPDATE: It is connected to my headset because when I turn the headset volume down, the volume for the game goes down when I’m recording the sound

I don’t have your headset. Did you install the drivers from the CD and so you have an audio manager, or not?

I have looked on the Sentey site for you. Is this what you have If so have you read the instructions that come with it?

Do you have an audio manager that looks like this?

If so perhaps you could try muting the “Monitor”.

If you cannot work it out, click the “Support” tab on and use the options to contact Sentey for support.


UPDATE: When I use a USB headset, it records the game volume (I tried 2)but when I have a headset with a mic in and headphone connector, it doesn’t, but I don’t want to ise that headset because it doesn’t sound good.

Are you reading the replies you have been given? :bulb: