Audacity records background noise even though mic is off

I recently purchased the Fifine USB microphone, and I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying that this mic does well in eliminating background noise. However, when I tested it on Audacity, there is a lot of background noise. There is a volume button on the microphone and I can adjust the volume of my input. I turned the volume on the mic entirely off and tried recording, and realized that even though the mic is completely off, audacity is still picking up background noise. Could it be that my laptop’s microphone is still on? Is there anything wrong with audacity? Please help!

Does it sound anything like this?


Could it be that my laptop’s microphone is still on?

You can do a microphone search. Start a recording (with the microphone turned up) and scratch each grill. You may need research to find out where the laptop microphone is. Mine us just left of the left-hand shift key. Announce where you are as you go (I didn’t do that in the example).

It’s not likely, but it is possible you’re only using your laptop microphone.

You need to get us closer to the microphone. Turns out FiFine makes a lot of them. This one?

What does it say in the little Audacity microphone window?
Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 5.27.24 PM.png

Yes it sounds exactly like that :frowning:

I will try to do the scratching to find if I’m using the laptop microphone. However, it’s not likely that I’m using ONLY the laptop microphone because when I turn the Fifine microphone up I can still hear myself speaking into it. Here is the link to the microphone that I purchased On the Audacity microphone window, the Fifine microphone is selected, and mono. everything else looks the same as yours. Thank you so much for trying to help me.

can you see my previous replies? I pressed “quote” and apparently it does not show up here.
Anyways, the buzzing sounds exactly like what you posted. I think it’s called static or white noise?
The microphone works fine when I turn the volume of it on, the only thing is there is always this background noise that never seems to go away even if I turn the microphone completely off. this is the one I purchased.
For the audacity bar, I have the input as the fifine microphone, Mono, built in output. I use my headphone but I’ve tried removing it and not monitor as I record, the result is the same.