Audacity records a half pitch below

I am inputting audio from a cassette and when I burn the project to an Audio CD, it sounds a step below from the original. Where is the setting in Audacity that does not change the step? Does this have to do with pitch?

To sum, the output from Audacity is a step below, compared to the source or original.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

There is no setting to tell Audacity to record at the wrong pitch.

How are you doing that?

How are you doing that?

Which version of Windows?
Which version of Audacity? (look in “Help > About Audacity”)

I purchased a cassette player that connects to my computer via USB and I play it back in Audacity.

When I burn the output from Audacity to CD, the output is a half step below from the original.

I noticed that the ‘playback speed’ in not dead centered. It is to the left of the center. Could this cause the problem?

Effect → Change Speed can be used to change the speed & pitch together (just like changing the speed of a an analog tape or record). You may have to experiment to get the timing/pitch exactly right, but that should fix your problem.

The USB cassette deck is most-likely the problem…

Here’s what sometimes happens - There is a clock (oscillator) for the sample rate (44.1kHz, etc.). If the “cheap” clock in the cassette deck is different from the clock in your soundcard, or the clock in your CD player, the playback speed/pitch will be different from the recording speed/pitch.

A similar thing sometimes happens when recording with a good quality USB audio interface (with an accurate clock) and then playing-back on a “cheap” consumer soundcard (with an inaccurate clock).

If your soundcard and your stand-alone CD player both show the problem, that would point-to a recording problem. (If you record and playback with the same cheap soundcard/device, you won’t have a mismatch and you won’t notice the problem until you play-back on a different system.)

If you have a desktop or tower computer with a regular soundcard, try recording from the tape machine’s line-out or headphone-out, into the soundcard’s line-input. (Most laptops don’t have line-in and the mic input won’t work properly.)

No. Left of centre is 1.00x (normal) speed. That slider only affects playback, and only when you click the green play button to left of the slider. It does not affect recording or export.