audacity recording

Hi folks. I need help. I put my backtrack in and then start to record over the track, but something went wrong-Maybe it’s the condenser mike connection but I playback the vocal track alone and hear the backing music behind although slightly diminished. It should just have the voice from the condenser mike…can anyone help me thanls


Audacity needs to be recording from a real live microphone, not a software device. You should be able to reach over and touch the microphone, mixer, or interface.

If you’re recording from Stereo Mix, for example, that’s not a thing. That’s a software redirection program you use to record internet music. That example can scramble the sound pathways and give you your symptoms.

This gets a little crazy because microphones don’t always announce themselves with real names. My stereo interface’s “name” is USB Audio CODEC. But it is a real thing. I can reach over and touch it.


great input -cheers well i am putting a condenser mike into a Yamaha mixer board .so it is a thing, :slight_smile: but I give it connected right in audacity or on the mixer-not sure