Audacity recording to DSD [CLOSED - off-topic]

Hello, is it possible to save music to DSD in Audacity?
If so, how to do it.

No. Internally, Audacity uses 32-bit floating-point PCM.

Plus, you’d need a DSD analog-to-digital converter.

Can “Topping E30 II” be such a converter ?.

The Topping is a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) for payback, not for recording/digitizing.

You’ll need to search for a DSD ADC and DSD recording software. I know these things exist but I don’t know anything about them…

Can it be ripped to the “FiiO K5 Pro ESS” DSD ?.

Please help me what cheap ADC devices I could buy. For ripping to DSD.

I don’t think that such a thing exists.
Even if you do find one, what do you intend to do with it?

cheap ADC devices

What’s “cheap” mean to you?

Amazon has [u]Korg DSDAC10R[/u] for less than $400 USD. You can find them on eBay for $200. It’s also a DSD DAC so you won’t have to buy a separate DAC, and it comes with software.

A “typical” [u]USB audio interface[/u] is $100 - $200 and they can go WAY up from there so $400 doesn’t seem too bad for something rare and special.

For ripping to DSD.

“Ripping” from what?

If you are ripping a CD or DVD converting to DSD doesn’t gain anything. If you are ripping from SACD It’s already DSD. (I don’t know how to rip SACD but some people do it.)

If you are digitizing vinyl or tape you don’t need DSD. “CD quality” (16-bit/44.1kHz) PCM is already better than ANY analog format, and in fact 16/44.1 is generally better than human hearing.

24/96 PCM is the “pro studio standard” and there are plenty of interfaces that can record & play 24/96, and you’d be able to use Audacity for recording & editing, and anybody can play it.

…Mobile Fidelity digitizes analog tape to DSD, but they are selling SACDs… and vinyl records. This caused a bit of a scandal recently because customers were lead to believe they were cutting vinyl directly from the original analog master tapes with no digital involved. The digital conversion and back doesn’t hurt anything and of course nobody noticed anything wrong with the sound but the analog fanatics were unhappy when they found out.

cheap ADC devices

What does “cheap” mean to you?

Amazon has [u]Korg DSDAC10R[/u] for less than $400 USD. You can find them on eBay for $200. It’s also a DSD DAC and it comes with software.

I mean ripping to DSD from a turntable.

I mean ripping to DSD from a turntable.

If you want to clean-up the “snap”, “crackle” and “pop” or other analog noise, you’ll want regular PCM so you can use Audacity’s Click Removal, or Repair tools, or there are other specialized programs like Wave Repair and Wave Corrector (or others) which are specifically for fixing-up digitized vinyl. Older records often also have rolled-off highs so they can benefit from some EQ. These programs all work with normal PCM.

[u]This page[/u] has TONS of information about digitizing LPs and cleaning-up the sound. (The web page is old so some of the recommended software may be obsolete but overall most of the information is good.)

The Korg unit has phono inputs so it’s ready-to-go for digitizing vinyl if you REALLY want DSD and you don’t care about clicks & pops or other vinyl/analog defects,

Does anyone know a computer program that would allow me to rip music from a turntable to a DSD on a computer.

Would the “Sound it! 8” program let me download my music to DSD?

I don’t know… From what I found it’s not clear if it records DSD or only opens/edits it. I didn’t find anything about recording. And it might temporarily convert to PCM for editing.

You might need to contact the developer. If they say yes, ask them what hardware it works with.

Be careful with your terminology… Downloading is different from recording or digitizing. You can download a DSD file (or any file) with Windows.

Can I rip turntable music to DSD via ASIO? If so, how to do it. I have “VinylStudio Pro” and “Sound it! 8 Pro”.

I’m closing this topic as the original question has been answered long ago:


Hello, is it possible to save music to DSD in Audacity?

No, Audacity has no support for DSD.

If you require further information about DSD, I’d suggest using your favourite search engine to find a support forum related to DSD.