Audacity recording, the music sounds shrill and delayed

I Recorded a song just for testing directly from youtube with Audacity win10 /2.3.3.exes, after recording I listen to it but the music sounds shrill and delayed? what kan be the probleme?

thanks in advance

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Are you using [u]WASAPI Loopback[/u]? Unless you get glitches/dropouts, loopback should give you an accurate-digital capture.

Did you get [u]dropouts[/u]? Dropouts are related to multitasking and they can be a difficult problem to solve. Sometimes you can just increase the buffer size. Sometimes it just a matter of shutting-down unnecessary applications and sometimes it’s a background operation or driver “hogging” your system. Of course, your browser has to be open to record from YouTube.


…No matter how you do it, it’s a copyright violation and a violation of YouTube’s “rules”. That’s the main reason there is no “download” button built-into YouTube.

But, there are online and downloadable utilities for copying YouTube videos. Then after downloading you can open the audio part with Audacity. (You’ll proabably need to install the optional Audacity FFmpeg import/export library depending on the format you get.) In theory you could get worse quality because the audio/video is probably getting transcoded to a different lossy format. But in the real-world you might get better quality because it’s just data-transfer and “number crunching” and since it doesn’t have to work in real time it’s immune to “glitches” related to timing/multitasking.

Typically, YouTube converts the uploaded audio/video to their format, so you might be on the 3rd generation of lossy compression by the time you get it. And if you convert it to MP3 (etc.) you could end-up with a 4th generation copy. (That wouldn’t be a problem with lossless digital copies.) The audio quality may be fine, but you’re not getting “CD quality”.

thank you DVDdoug
incidentally, for clarity, the YouTube recording is mine and I am the author of it, but i was just trying to record something fast for a few second to test Audacity? Actulie I use WASAPI, because on MME I cannot record, I think the problem is due to the sound cart devices of my laptop lenovo thwinkpad T 520?