Audacity recording the 2nd channel

Hi all,

First time posting so go easy on me, hoping this is a quick fix.

I’m using mac latest version of el capitan with the latest version of audacity.

Pioneer djm 250 mixer with 2 pioneer cdj’s.

I’m having trouble when trying to record a mix whereby audacity is picking up the 2nd channel I’m trying to cue up and beat match in it’s waveforms.

1st channel has the volume in on the mixer so audacity is recording as it should be
2nd channel has the volume down on the mixer but is still being picked up when I listen to it through my headphones.

Absolutely no idea what to do, I fear the press buttons and hope solution could make things worse.

Thanks in advance!

How did you connect the mixer to the Mac? Most new Macs come with no Stereo Music connection, so it’s an exercise to get it to work at all. Which Mac? I’m typing this on a Mini.