Audacity recording STOPS when overdub runs through interface

The recording line freezes, and I have to stop it.

The only situation this occurs is when my headphones are connected to the interface, the interface is connected to the computer, and the settings are set in audacity, with the interface selected for recording and speakers, with overdub checked. Any other switch-up in the setup, and it works. This is only with this computer, so it may be a problem with my computer! I don’t know please help.

Audacity version: newest (as of 7/24/17)
Computer: HP Notebook Core i7
Interface: PreSonus AudioBox Black Edition

PreSonus AudioBox gives a default studio, Studio One, which I hate, but it doesn’t freeze on there.

That’s not good news.

As we go.


I just have a laptop, it is not in any way touchscreen

I don’t know if that makes a difference, but I looked at that other thread and I have no idea what the solution is