Audacity Recording Sounds on PC?

So i have Geforce Shadowplay to record my Game but the MIC option for it makes my Microphone to sensitive, so i want to use Audacity to record my MIC but then i disable to MIC on show play and just have shadow play to record the game sound and my friends talking on Discord, but when i use Audacity i can hear myself fine but faintly in the background i can hear my friends talking, how do i fix this?

As an experiment, start a normal recording and then turn your headphone volume to zero and then bring it back. Keep talking normally. Did the ghost voices go away?


Yep!, played some music and originally you can hear it in the background when i talk, so i played the music again at a loud volume rate, put my speaker to 0 and as i spoke i raised it to full, and when i listen back at it you cant hear the music even at full…

Yeah! it did work, i played a song in the background on kind of full volume, before when i spoke i could hear the music over the top of my voice, when i put the playback volume to nothing and spoke and moved it up slowly so that it was full again i couldn’t hear anymore music when listening to it, does this mean every time i make a video i would have to slide it down then back every time? lol

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does this mean every time i make a video …

Actually, I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting sound leakage through your headset or headphones. So you may have two problems.

What is your microphone? Is it part of a headset?

Which one? If not, which is your microphone? Do you have Audacity recording set to your microphone and not a software service in the device Toolbar?


This is my Headset;
The “Razer Kraken Pro” Black

My microphone im using is on that headset, and i realised that if i turned up the music/stream super loud while doing the sound increase thing i can actually still here it in the background.

its super annoying because im not really a big YouTube so i dont want to buy a separate mic, but then i dont want there to be sound coming through on 2 things, because obviously ill be recording sound using Shadow play not Audacity

So it has the 2 Jacks, one that goes into Microphone jack and one that goes into the Headphone jack

I have made it so that my Mic only detects me talking when it goes over the little line i have set, but i have found out that when not talking to audio pauses like the line doesnt move? this means when i put it onto my video its going to be quicker than the actual video itself?!

Are you talking about Audacity’s Sound Activated Recording? That does not pad with silence when the input goes below the threshold. You may want to turn Sound Activated Recording off.

Have you looked in the Razer Synapse Control Panel for anything relevant to this? Have you tried using a different mic port on the computer? On some gaming computers one of the mic ports might have a feature to blend in the output automatically.


But if i turn Sound Activated Recording off you can then hear me breathing and every slight toxic sound i make when moving my lips to talk LOL

That is not Audacity’s fault. Try moving the microphone boom farther away from your mouth. :wink:

I can count it as a “vote” on our Feature Requests system that you would like Sound Activated Recording to record silence when the input is below the threshold. If you don’t want that, please say.


If you want absolute silence to replace quiet parts of a recording, you could apply a “Noise Gate” effect to the track.
There is a Noise Gate plug-in here:
Instructions for downloading and installing: