Audacity Recording Screen


I am using Windows 10 on my laptop. I want todo a podcast/radio show using Audacity. I have the Blue Microphone Snowball USB mic and Behringer Headphones, neither of which have I plugged in yet. I downloaded the Audacity recording software AND got a message " Thanks for downloading Audacity."
Am I supposed to 'see" the Audacity screen with the tabs, levels, etc. ? Because I don’t see that on my monitor… Wanted to confirm that the download is actually there… I want to do the tutorials,but I thought I would be able to open up that process WHILE I’m doing the tutorials. if not, please advise to help me open up that screen shot ( ? ). Also, should I connect the mic and headset FIRST ?
I am somewhat technology challenged, but I really want to do this radio show and would appreciate any help from you folks… And when I get all of that in place, how do I get a link / provider ? Should it be YouTube, Yahoo, etc… Just trying to live out a dream to be on radio, play good music and enjoy the experience. Hopefully, others will too.
So thanks very much in advance for your time and attention. Looking forward to hearing from any of you. All the best to all you and your families…


We don’t have that message. I would begin by looking at the pink panel at the top of the page, then download Audacity from us:

A virus scan might be a wise precaution too.

Audio devices that connect by USB should be connected before you launch Audacity. Or if not, you can use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices (in Audacity supplied by us).


Just trying to live out a dream to be on radio, play good music and enjoy the experience.

Are you following an existing formula, video or recipe for producing a show? Producing a voice-only show is relatively easy, but making a music production is quite a bit more difficult.

Have you ever recorded your voice before?

You may have one storm cloud right away. Most computers don’t allow you to hear your own voice when you record—or you can hear it, but it’s late with an echo effect. You can avoid that by plugging your headphones into the microphone system instead of the computer, but the Snowball has no provision for that.


Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions. I appreciate it and will be in touch going forward… I’m sure that I will need more help from you folks… And All Blessings to you and your families…