Audacity recording same audio on both channels[SOLVED]

[Using Audacity 2.0.0 from .exe installer on Windows 7 Home Premium]

Newbie Audacity user here, so this is probably a very simple set-up issue: when I record from a Numark TT USB turntable, I get the same signal on both channels of the recording (from a stereo LP). The audio from one channel is missing from the recording. I’ve tried this with several LPs that I’m very familiar with, so I can detect the missing vocals.

Am I doing something really stupid?


Are you only using the USB connection between the turntable and the laptop? This is dead easy to get wrong with the analog connections, but I can’t see an easy way to get this wrong with the USB digital connections.

Edit > Preferences > Devices and make sure it’s set for stereo.

Just on a whim, download and play this sound clip on a fresh Audacity.

It’s in four short segments and I bet you can’t hear at least one.


Hi, thanks for your reply. My device preferences look OK, but in case I’ve misunderstood, I’ve attached a screengrab.

I played back the wav file and in fact I can hear all four segments. I’m guessing this suggests that it isn’t an Audacity setting that’s at issue, but a question of the signal from the turntable not getting to the PC on one channel? It is a USB connection, so most of the popular mistakes are impossible, as you guessed.


This is normal if you don’t set Windows to record from the USB turntable in stereo.

Click here

and follow the steps in the green box “Operating System Specifics: On Windows Vista/7”.



Wow, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT (as I’m sure you knew). I would NEVER have found that for myself, thanks so much. Now my digitizing project on my ancient LP collection has no more excuses for not starting…

Thanks again