Audacity recording other tracks while making a new one.

Trying this post again because I’m not sure the first one worked.

Anyway, Audacity is recording other tracks while I record a new one. For example, I am recording guitar to a drum track. The new guitar track I make also has the drum track above it included in it. Anyone know anything about this? I’ve went through settings, rebooted my system… nothing. No matter what I do when I hit record the other track records in addition to one I am trying to make.

I’ve been using this program for a year and have never had this happen before. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it but I’m really stuck this time.

I’m running Windows XP.

You’re almost certainly recording the wrong thing.

In order to record YouTube or other internet sound, you need to record from Stereo-Mix, What-U-Hear or other “fake” software device. That’s also know as “recording anything playing on your computer.” That’s what you have now and don’t want.

You need to record specifically from your guitar, microphone or other “real” sound device, and not one of the Windows software pathways. Set that in Windows Control Panels, Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices, or the recording drop-down from the Audacity main window.