Audacity recording more than it should.

I’m using audacity to record the sound of my microfone, while i use bandicam, to record the gameplay of games. I’m using audacity 2.1.2.

Everything was working just fine, until someday audacity started recording also the audio of the game. I know it isn’t recording the audio trough my headset, because i tested by leaving it recording while a song was being played with my headset audio volume on 0, and audacity still recorded even if faintly, the sound of the music being played, even tho it should only being recording the microphone.

I even tried to change headsets, and it didn’t worked.

Anyone has any idea how to fix this?

Everything was working just fine

The question is really why was that working. Many people have trouble doing that.

someday audacity started recording also the audio of the game.

That’s probably normal.

Audacity is not reliable during gameplay and it’s not reliable while another audio program is running. Audacity doesn’t like it when it has competition for the microphone and speakers.

In general you should be using special recording programs with gameplay.

–and Skype. Same problem. Two different audio programs struggling on the same machine.


It shouldn’t be happening since it was working before, and audacity is the only program recording and using the mic. While bandicam is recording video and all system audio, with the exception of the mic.

What settings do you have in the device toolbar?

MME, recording device is"microphone realtek high definition", 2 channels of audio (stereo), output device is “realtek high definition speakers”.

I think i found the solution, it seems that for some reason, audacity decided out of nowhere to record its own ouput sound, even tho it’s not sending this sound trough my speakers. Because when i tuned down the output sound of audacity to 0, then it stoped recording the system audio as it should.

I only did a small test, i’l post later if this fix the issue.

Just forget what i said in the earlier post, i thought the output sound on audacity was a diferent one than the system.

So, there’s any way to put the output sound on audacity to 0, while still having the sound of the pc at 100?

So is it actually playing through speakers or headphones?

Set the mic as default recording device in Windows Sound then use Windows Voice Recorder to record while recording in Bandicam. To open Voice Recorder, press Windows Start, type “recorder” (without quotes) then press ENTER on your keyboard.

Does Voice Recorder record a ghost of the gameplay?

Suppose you play a song in Windows Media Player or Groove Music without Bandicam running. Does Audacity or Voice Recorder record the song when recording from the mic?