Audacity recording failure

I purchased an Acer laptop specifically to use Audacity. my tech skills equal those of a boiled turnip, and I don’t speak tech.
Can some please explain to an old lady, in plain English, why Audacity refuses to record? I am using a Samsun Q9U microphone, which Audacity recognises, but when I press record I only get a flat line.
Please help.
This is very frustrating.
Many thanks in advance,

Hi Sam,

couple of things to check

  1. When you open Audacity, check the menu buttons on the top and look for Audio setup. Its a button with a speaker icon on it. Click it and choose recording devices.
    See if your Samsung Q9U is selected, if not just select it.

  2. If this doesn’t work, right click on windows taskbar on the right corner, look for the speaker icon. Right click it and select Open Volume Mixer.

  3. Look for input devices, and select the Samsung mic

  4. to test your mic you can also try : look for the search box in the windows taskbar (left side) and type
    then hit enter

see if you can record with this simple app.


Check your Windows Privacy Settings.

And make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.