Audacity Record

To add to my previous topic. I am magnum2tom and have recently today posted my progress with my one computer that won’t record which posting has somehow dissapeared. I have set Audacity file to the one Gale has suggested which is audacity_revert_r12160.exe and reset this 3rd problem computer back to mic as difault and tried recording which has given me on top the left and right red recording bars looking just as they should but with no actual recording being accomplished. Better then before but not a finished result. My other 2 identical computers will only work perfectly with the mic disabled and stereo mix default communications device set as default. Gale said that trying this file will tell her something that will help identify they problem. I hope so as I love Audacity and this is the only one that gives me this problem. I can load up any mp3 file and run, edit, and save the file as always. It’s only the recording option giving me this problem with this 3rd computer.
Hope you can help.

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